Sunday, June 06, 2010

from dirt to art, that's what my weekends are made of

d is heading home today from that fishing trip of his and i officially missed him. he upped his chances of that by leaving a note for me to find after he was off (even if it was equal parts romance and weirdo comedy ;) i'm saving all of those letters from the first flowers i received from him on and our grandchildren will be shaking their heads at a few i'm sure. ;)
jen, fellow fishing widow, and i hit her friend cheryl's art show last night where sold dots were being flung against investment pieces all fast paced like. fun to be around (it didn't hurt that the guy with all the missing teeth who no one knew crashed the show -- someone thought he had been hired, but no, life is often way stranger than fiction) he might contribute to my storylines
because even tho jen is definitely the girl with all the coolest shirts and shoes from robson street (we do not have that in common ;) she is also a gardening geek like me and so she came with green gifts -- ♥d her packaging idea. (she also brought organic greens and eggs because she read about how poorly i was feeding the kids in d's absence and didn't want him to have to come home to rickets and scurvey rampant in his offspring)
my containers are ready for gardening in. (worked in the backyard with the kids post marmaduke matinee yesterday) our old house dirt is the best -- previous inhabiters were prone to burying garbage so often turning soil feels like an archeological dig. (and it doesn't hurt when you uncover shabby mementos for interieur de la maison)
sunday = reading recharge up day. enjoy yours


  1. Who sings this awesome song??!

  2. glad your hubby is home. i'm sure he missed you too, lots!

    and thanks for the link to the crafty mom contest. you definitely got my wheels turning. Hmmmm . . .

    You going to enter?


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