Saturday, June 05, 2010

and here we are

fab night with my sisters watching girlie movies back to back and now i am up to blog and read in the middle of the night. (could have been the caffeine or the sugar ;) my counter redo is on the go (no, i am not crazy enough to do that at this hour) it's looking great, but not the speedy project i pictured (from my place of denial)

while i am trying not to panic at the thought of unusable counter tops for the next week or so (still denial, i know ;), i am planning my backyard space again -- post great afternoon tea with my friend jen the other day (who shares my desperately uncool love for gardening and food & wine mags), i am all pysched to do my gardening a la containers this year (think big oversized baskets -- hopefully will be all accomplished and picture ready soon) so i can sit and sketch stories instead

so you know i am all over this giveaway. couldn't we all use some of these?
another picture for his coffee table book. our sheltered indoor cat thinks the good life is sitting in the window hoping for a little breeze from the outside world.

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