Monday, June 14, 2010

6 month itch

it's been a long work day and i just wrapped it up with a small freelance editing job to accompany my steak and a glass of something so unfancy it just said RED on the bottle.

would love to relax with something productive, like some more of these scrapbooking pages, but i'm too tired. reading sounds good too, but i've burned through three of the four books bought last week and am finding the one on the go good in a satisfying tackling a few pages at a time kind of way.

kids are adding, even at this hour, to my errand list with specialty store project requests (they have obviously not been properly impressed by my to-do list)

it was a decent fiction output kind of day, only a bit plagued by my 2010 big picture looming -- am i going the right direction i thought i was in january? i guess if i turned complementary turn this month, it would look like a deliberate mid year move and not some fear stricken back- tracking. nothing life shattering, just my inner editor and planner duking it out with the go with the flow girl. (who are we kidding? have you seen my personal calendar -- who do you think is going to win? ;)

will likely ruminate more tommorow and bother my girlfriends with "what do you think?" in days upcoming. for now. for now, even the books are put away. "intervention" is on.
love the salvation army ad that runs in its commercial breaks. amazing grace never fails to get me weepy so you know these stories of hope are doing double duty
will have to read eat pray love. for its vicarious travel and clever quotes. ♥ this quote about prayer within the happiness equation {so true that we often don't pray as hard as we do in crisis as we do in everyday mundane and happy. but it is an amazing thing when little thoughts start wondering and turn into prayers -- truly what the apostle paul was talking about when he said "pray without ceasing" [in case u were picturing a holed up closet somewhere instead of a carpool lane with one's eyes wide open] }as quoted by one of my fave bloggers to read. so if you're currently holding onto a copy you want to share, send it over.

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