Monday, May 24, 2010

when home feels like a fab hotel

if you're like me you can slap some room numbers on your bedroom door and fool yourself ;)
it's that kind of long weekend. d and i worked overtime throughout and still managed to get in good stuff like the cherries on top. it was a thrifty chicks sourcing, engagement party attending, beaching, friends game night hosting, hiking, bbqing, tree farming, paper delivering, kids school project making, movie watching, boys' haircuts getting kind of weekend and it's not over yet.

suspiciously absent is fiction writing.
but i'm not sweating
tommorow is soon enough.

so proud of my kindergartener for his smooth adjustment to glasses wearing. he completed a 3 km + hike with my mom and sister and i this morning -- led the way in fact. we had a picnic brunch at the top mid ferns and mossy rocks and waterfalls. ♥ it!
speaking of delicious eats, the kids were all over these little s'mores my middle guy made for us to eat in bed saturday (life cereal squares, nutella, and mini marshmellows)
i'm off to enjoy a bit more of this break from the usual.
happy long weekend to you


  1. wow. your weekend sounds divine.

  2. LOVE the numbers on the door idea. I think we're going to do that, make it feel like a hotel getaway in our own home!


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