Wednesday, May 05, 2010

what can i say? i'm easily entertained

i've been, between writing, adding details to my scrapbook layouts from a couple of years ago. (don't worry -- i am not redoing them -- i do sometimes, but these are all fine, just lacking journalling and embellishments) it was a busy season of life -- mutiple work gigs and some life restructuring thrown in -- and i'm glad i focused on just making the memories and putting the pictures in order {i think it's likely i saw the 4 pictures glued onto a white 12x12 pages as done ;) but it's been great fun to look back and add some details while i still remember them.

my cat has been creating more adorable photo ops for the creepy cat lady coffee table book i'm sure is in the future ;)
he likes sitting in the sink trying to turn his head sideways to drink from the water like the boys. it does not deter him when he lands up drinking into his eyeball.

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