Sunday, May 16, 2010

weekend on fast forward

i think the sun is bringing with it days that speed by faster. is that possible when factoring the extra daylight hours in? i hardly see how, but that's the current phenomenon i'm witnessing. it's been a family filled weekend from an eye doctor visit for little c (who it turns out really does need coke bottle lensed glasses -- thank goodness for new technology that can fit that prescription into something a little less obvious) and a woo-hoo for kindergarten eye screening. he had no other symptoms (headaches etc) and is already reading so we didn't have any idea. (the doctor said he had just been heroically bulking up his eye muscles to adapt and would have had a lazy eye in a few years if it was left untreated) my sister melis (who looks like my blond boys' biological mother -- and who it turns out little c has the same eyes as {one weaker, one stronger} -- see second from left chickie in newest mother/daughters pic) held little c's and my hand through the eye appointment and in a fabulous auntie trumps mommy moment captured the eye screening on film

my mom met us too and keep little c's brothers busy eating food court fare and shopping. we took the edge off the morning with a family walk at the blue heron reserve. (relaxingly pre-mosquito season) d is having one of his hold all networked computers hostage weekends so i am putting reading ahead of writing between baby showers and family barbeques.

but come monday they are mine, all mine ;)
ps. suspect the cat is trying to suck up to me. found him sleeping voluntarily in his new bed -- it warmed my heart anyways.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I am not sure if the picture taking counts as an auntie trumps mommy moment, since I had to take the pic with my cell phone ;)

  2. still glad you have my back :)


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