Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday in writing flux

blog reading is really saving my magazine budget. usually i am a tremendous accumulator (but then share them with friends so i don't run the risk of being featured on hoarders ;) right now i even have a huge stack of gifted ones i haven't got around to yet -- can u imagine? it doesn't help that i read about a measly 1/3 of one before crashing into deep fabulous sleep (must be the soccer)
i doubt i look as cute with my fist wrapped around it while sleeping as my middle guy did with his sleeping death grip on his WWE action figures in bed last night. thought about snapping a pic, but couldn't mentally place my camera and it was a bit too close to my own bedtime.

it's so allergy season again -- i'm blaming the pollen, d thinks it might be the cat sleeping between us. but really, who can resist this cutie. little c wasn't successful either. (and once i stock up on my costco sized allergy meds it'll be a non-issue.)

off to write a bit more on the novel (it's a messy back and forth between it and my short stories this last while -- hard to know which way to go)

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  1. Love that show- watching it motivates me to throw everything I don't use away:)

    My allergies are SO bad this week?!?


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