Tuesday, May 25, 2010

something of good report

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you know when you read things that feel like they change your life, your outlook, (or at least your day ;) ? i think lorene and justin's book is going to be like that. amazing amazing beyond our western bubble living takes on life and its meaning.
cannot wait for its release. beyond thrilled i have the pre-peek opportunity to be of reading and editing help.

post my time on it today (and on the homefront, kiddie sugar free slurpee aquiring, backyard landscape planning, and laundry room window trim finishing) i have some words of my own to put to paper. told you that time would come.

love these portraits of my ancestors that hold court with the heart rocks the boys have found for me and the little cast i wore as a crooked foot baby. the best vignettes are the ones that mean something


  1. I love your pictures!

  2. Thank you Michelle. ♥ Your encouragement; it's now posted on my wall to remind me on those tough days!


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