Sunday, May 02, 2010

part zagillion of the dryer lint diaries

i told rebekah i was going to be her copycat. you will never look at your recycling pile the same again, will you? who needs actual craft materials when you have empty pizza boxes? the littlest guy has his hanging in his bedroom and mine is in the dining room and i will find homes for all the rest (perhaps at other people's homes so mine isn't overtaken by black speech bubbles or i am forced to write novel excerpts on them to make them more functional.) aren't they the cutest?


  1. Michelle, I love this idea!!
    Might just give it a go!!
    So creative!

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    love these, I'll take one for my house if you have extras... :)

  3. Love this idea!! The necklace is fab too :)

  4. Love the lots and lots of chalkboard bubble babies! Great job, Michelle. You did awesome!


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