Sunday, May 30, 2010

mmmm weekends

the weekend is coming to a close with my favorite part of it coming still -- hanging out with D post kiddie nighttime dismissal -- he gets Mondays off so we can stay up and up or if we're feeling lazy go to bed and read.

after a delicious dinner {chicken, roast potatoes, garlic bread, and garden grown mixed greens (not my own yet in case you're wondering) made even better by D making the first two and yours truly only having to contribute the second deux and doing the sit down dining room table thing with the kids (i flash forwarded to summer a minute when we have to put the standing fan in the corner to make it bearable) my only wish is that my house came with a built in bleeping censor so i wouldn't have to listen to the incessant fart joking that a houseful of boys feel dinnertime is the venue for. ;) } i am pj ready (oh, look i was wearing them afternoon on already... ;) and am doing some Sunday night puttering and reading.
the whole weekend itself was pretty relaxed if you call late night boogie-ing relaxing {and i do ;)} loved my friday night date with D (we might have moved out of the country but our friends still all live there so our date was at our friends' barn warming -- which is still more of a dress up venue than you might think -- corporate sponsorship, band, fab food & wine, and classic cars to accompany the barn touring) so i needed something cute to wear. enter this inspiration ripped out of a magazine, an old necklace {the kind that was cute, but hung all wrong}, a basic black shirt, and stolen stitching moments scattered throughout the week leading up to it. i wasn't thinking about the handwashing i've now created for myself, but regardless i can see me whipping up some more to make my friends roll their eyes at.

looking forward to making some stories tommorow morning. the couple in the last story are still in therapy.

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  1. the shirt is so cute.. wow the creative things your mind creats is astonishing!! so fun. and handwashing.. just dont spill... haha nice coming from the girl who won't wear white for that reason!!!


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