Wednesday, May 12, 2010

le petit posh chat

post breaded chicken burger on garlic bread supper and it's a toss up between reading on the exercise bike or writing all sedentary like. it could go either way. {add to the mix d wanting to watch a movie sans kiddies and it might mean the productive part of the day is over} if only tucking in the kids burned more calories ;)

speaking of tucking in, the cat (who is so part of the family the middle one came home and said he needed a family picture with the cat because he had included him in his french paper on family -- the other brother argued that he really should have been listed as frere instead of chat because that's how we all think of him) . good thing we had this one ;) so it's only fair he should have a worthy family member bed (something four poster, perhaps?) i had been thinking about this project since i came across it. smokey's version has a drawer underneath for his favorite cat toys. all it needs now are some finials to finish the top of the posts in style.

steps for the interested:

1. flip a suitable side table
2. unscrew the drawer and gliders and remove
3. paint
4. make a raised cardboard platform for the drawer to sit in the opposite way
5. secure bedding
6. rearrange cat on bed a million times until he is exhausted and poses for picture


  1. Aww-your cat is so cute!!! Great idea:)

  2. That is so cute! I love the idea. Of course, if I made it, there is no way my cat would ever use it...

  3. Ha! Great post. Good kitty!

    And I love the Father's Day necktie idea. How about you do one w/a tutorial and I'll follow suit?

  4. Great job! Does your kitty know how spoiled he is? Or he is a "typical" cat and expects the royal treatment?


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