Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's a charmed life

i guessing given my professed fondness for words, it will not be surprising that i'm all over the trend that has them slapped onto walls. i'm sure, like most whims of decoration, it won't be here forever, but i'm pretty sure i'll still be holding onto it way after it's too passe for the rest of you ;)
with multiple rooms containing 1 or 2 phrases, (see here and here and ... well u get the idea...
i'm in danger of overload, but i'm a visual person and i love the sentiments at hand throughout the messiness of everyday life.

take this one on the door leading up to my upstairs for example -- a reminder that life does not have to be perfect to be charmed. usually, in fact, it is the rocking it regardless that makes it beautiful.

post to do list scratching and middle school awards ceremony surviving (i'm sure it would have been more relaxing had i not attempted to attend with 2 under 6-ers -- thankfully my SIL had a purseful of gum to distract little c with a thousand thank-yous to her and a sorry for the many times i'm sure he kicked her in the ankles and we lasted til the bitter end and saw my niece receive the gr 7 citzenship award) now i'm continuing on that to-do list (the need to bribe myself with magazines and coffee goes without saying) and developing the backstory for the new characters in therapy as of yesterday.

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