Friday, May 28, 2010

i ♥ rejection letters

i know, i sound delusional. how does one keep confidence in her writing when receiving "no thanks" multiple times a week. let me explain:

1. they remind me that i did in fact write something suitable for submission and got up the nerve to submit it. (an archive of work to re-send out that grows all the time)

2. they keep in focus the odds of becoming a successful writer -- how most of the people who have the desire will lose heart, interest, confidence, or get sick of being a starving artist and leave room for the die hards to move in. (ie. take a look at these odds received in a RL this week: "I enjoyed reading your story. However, I must report that we've decided to give it a pass. Please note that this doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of your work (we receive about 750 submissions for every 7 we publish) I wish you best of luck placing your piece elsewhere." {this isn't my favorite -- i'd rather the ones i get that read this doesn't reflect on the quality of your work, but i'll take it because the odds reminder is encouraging in turtle winning the race kind of way}

3. they encourage me to get back on the horse -- like the one i received yesterday: "An interesting character study -- however i feel it's not a fit for __________ magazine. I'd like to read more of your stories."

4. they are, at the least, proof of receipt ;)

5. checking my inbox is a favorite past-time of mine

6. Having been published for my news reporting, magazine articles, and online ones and receiving positive feedback to my self-published book and working with business clients on copywriting assignments means i am relatively confident in my abilities so the angst of "no" feels like "not yet" to me.
it's a good thing i like them -- i see more in my future.
and i am willing to Rx with sweets and reads and fun to deal.
so thrilled to indulge in these with this girl this morning and have a date with d tonight.

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  1. behind every successful writer are loads of rejection letters...
    enjoy your day and your date!


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