Saturday, May 08, 2010

happy mother's day to me and you too

my nine year old told me today he was glad to be in a nice family, even if everyone including the adults didn't know how to keep their rooms neat ;)
sort of like when the five year old told me recently i was so beautiful it was like i was ready to give birth (perhaps i was bloated? flushed? i'm not sure what the compliment was based on entirely? ;)
or when the twelve year old told me i "didn't completely humiliate" him.
i don't need any presents after words of love like that ;)

except maybe from the cat.
i always feel a little resentment at his litterbox expectations.
i love this girl's post on these two books i'm a fan of. check it out if you want both a laugh and a pause for reflection. i am all over authentic faith. the kind where you're still the same at a garage sale and on the phone and in your car and when you're making dinner and whether you're with your church friends or the guy at the car wash. let's be real. spouting pious-smious hides real authentic you. how many connections can u really be making that way?


  1. I hope you have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

  2. I laughed when I read this the first time and again this morning!

    I love that 5 year old of yours, he's too much fun (from the outside looking in!)


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