Friday, May 07, 2010

get great stuff sent to you

you know when you want to go shopping, but you have to use your money for less exciting things like bills?
well, good news.
you still have a chance to WIN some superiorly scouted stuff. tara (whose blog you should be following anyway for home inspiration and to make you feel guilty because you aren't running) is giving away some fabulous things and has a bunch of ways you can enter. find it here. get an extra entry if you use twitter too like i did here .

it's a work week wrap-up, kids' track meet, paper route, and saturday garage sale prep day here. the new story's inching along, but i'm going to try not to stress because the last one that did that turned out well.

and submitting another as soon as i sign off.
happy friday :)


  1. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting...I really appreciate it!

    The bottle was bought from Ikea..Hope you can find a similar one :D

    Gemma X

  2. michelle you're the best...and i LOVE this is brilliant.
    happy mother's day too!


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