Tuesday, May 04, 2010

the five year old may have found his calling

good to know that even if the kid stuff is taking over my life (max and ruby mural partnership with little c at the end of a long mommy work day, finding that the only bandaid i can accessorize with today has a little people character on it) my life is influencing their art. this has been on the fridge for a few days. i looked closely today (didn't i say i was going to do that from now on a while ago? ;) and saw what could be a 5 year old sketch for a starbucks ad. ha ha.

love love love it :)

off to work on the toilet paper girl story a bit more. turns out she is in an oppressive relationship. hope she stands up for herself soon. will keep you posted.


  1. Hey michelle. I thought of you when I saw this.. http://fashily.blogspot.com/2010/05/diy-paper-bag-waist-mini-skirt.html

  2. i love love love the sketch too! I reached into the bandage box at least 5 times to try and find one without characters on it for my blistery feet...

  3. Wow! Your kids are really talented!


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