Monday, May 10, 2010

didn't we just start a work week just a second ago?

because it totally feels like that.
ok, i am craving summer and its long days of nothing. not because i won't have to work, but because it won't feel like work with everyone around doing their relaxed thing.

i so know that by the end of it i will be looking forward to back to school and then Christmas.

it's all part of anticipating the seasons -- a healthy checking out the greener grass in your own life, drawing on memories from seasons past to make it more intense.

and i've been looking through our scrapbooks and the summers with the beaching just jump right out ;)

off to make lunches now. will write part of that ongoing story right before i head out on the kindergartener's mother's tea.

if you're not laying on the beach, i wish you a cozy day instead.


  1. i'm positive we just started the week; where did it go?

    can't wait for summer. what is it, 5 weeks until school is out? YAY!

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    have fun at your mother's tea, I was told very seriously on Saturday that your present was hidden and that you have to be at the school at 10:30pm.


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