Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the deadliest popcorn

amid rejection letters (and you know i like those anyway because i need them back for my submitting odds {the no's before the yes's} ) i get sweet words from my faithful reading friend ett. (her weekly specific prose feedback reminds me of the excitement i felt writing each story and her right hand chick status dates back to acknowledgements in my novel)
add in lovely response email from writer friend/former editor lorene, and i am cloud 9 happy. when i am up too early writing tommorow (today was a business paperwork write-off) i will remind myself on that.

on the hearth front, i am post soccer game, still in my slightly damp gear {it hosed rain throughout} and making popcorn for the boys watching their fave deadliest warrior. enough gratuitous history to make me not roll my eyes coupled with me being way past the day i wouldn't buy a toy pistol. [note to the horror stricken: the kids who are not allowed to own toy weapons usually make their own out of lego or sticks as soon as they're left unattended ;) ]

so now u know i'm too lax for u and i'm ok with that.

what i am less lax about is health.

the bad news on the bedtime snack front: microwave popcorn butter is loaded with carcinogens. and we ♥ popcorn. (so much so that our hot air popcorn popper registered use that crossed over from recreational to professional and gave up)

thanks to google, we know that folding and hand stitching (optional, but hard to resist if u have a hand crafting bent) a brown lunch bag and filling it with 1/4 c. popcorn and popping it for a minute and a half + a bit depending on your model, does the trick too.
thrilled to find out, thanks to reader betty that there are actually many uses for dryer lint. we are planning to make pinatas out of ours. not even kidding. ♥ that reduce, reuse, recycle stuff

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  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I see that a pop corn popper is going to have to go back on your birthday/Christmas list...you should keep track of how many poppers you guys have gone through, it could be record setting :) and if it makes you feel any better, just like your pop corn popper, my expresso machine was loved too much and sadly no longer works.


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