Wednesday, May 19, 2010

about some things you will say i don't choose to go there. (-dr seuss)

a good chugging along on the to do list, catching up with my splurge girls and an after work front step starbucks with my sis (the blond one) -- the cherry on top of life, friendship is.

looking forward to the long weekend already. (hiking, beach sitting if the weather cooperates, writing, reading... mmm can't wait)

trying not to demotivate myself by setting the goal bar too high on the work front for the next couple of days. (ie. no need to try and hit yearly goals in a couple of days just because you see the opportunity) good thing i married a take your blood pressure down a few notches kind of guy or i would be a frazzly mess. off to hang out with him now. night all.

leaving you with a solution to the overstock of halloween paper you might find yourself with. use the bits that are not ghoulish to celebrate something completely different (the dark, bats, cats, pumpkin gardening, etc) or cut out the letters and scrap like a bank robber.

i did "happy camping in the dark" by covering the un-useful bits with coordinating paper and "a map to dreamland" by re-using letters to make my own title and journalling and the excess paper to frame out the pictures. try it yourself and leave me a link to your ideas.


  1. your scrapping amazes me...
    and your weekend sounds dreamy.
    I'd love to fit one of those events into mine...

  2. LOVE your pages-VERY creative!


love to hear from you :)