Friday, April 09, 2010

weekdays at a job you like are good, but the weekend can't be beat

it was a 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. sourcing morning followed up by lunch with great friends, and an afternoon of business paper wrap-up, household chores, and some fiction.
it promises to be a good weekend. so excited for the long awaited dishwasher to be installed (those 20 minute dish washing stints could theoretically be replaced by some more writing, but probably not a good enough reason to write it off next tax year ;) can't blame me for thinking taxes -- my prep is still hanging over my head. middle-schooler plans to research his phone purchase, and i might make some more plastic bag flowers. (maybe while finally watching "where the wild things are" -- we loved the book -- have heard everyone out, are pretty sure we will love the movie -- will let you know ;) happy happy weekend

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