Saturday, April 17, 2010

turns out, it wants to be a novel

well, there was a reason the story was not coming out smoothly. turns out, it wants to be more. crazy how it went from a stilted short story to a plotline and a conceptualized cover. am still going to wrap up the story sized bit and submit it to a journal for the meantime.

read a back issue of the Vancouver Sun this morning -- ♥d this article on aging. quality of life is something we can grab now, whatever our circumstances. it rests more on the spiritual/emotional/relational component than on any number of things we often deem more important in our bid to get where we are going. where is that precisely anyways? ;)

happy saturday! i know this is a day we often reserve for those errands and running around, but what if it was part of our QOL plan instead? go figure. an enjoyable weekend! find out what it is you would like to do today and do it.

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