Thursday, April 22, 2010

this is the {earth} day

it's precisely because i already have stuff on my plate today that i have discovered that i already have a table suitable for the cat's four poster bed {this is precisely how i contribute to the notion that i have too much time on my hands -- i don't, but my mind whirrs a bit too fast, convincing me there is time for everything } which there is, but not today.
so thrilled with yesterday's fiction -- momlit entitled "The Lesson". and now i am working on a new one. not yet titled. you can help if you can think of something that goes with the first few lines (although it may be misleading -- the piece is not about digestion or plumbing)

"There is nothing more disappointing to a practical girl than unwittingly buying a case of scratchy toilet paper. Even the idea is irritating. And she knows she would rather use the whole thing up that waste. It's at times like this she wishes she had another leg to kick herself with or at least knew someone with an extremely callused bum who would find it a nice present, cardboard shards and all."

My kindergartener is excited to have his classmates over for an Earth Day Party (think crafts made out of everyday recycling -- i'll let you know what we come up with) and i am going to do my best to put off the cat bed project to a practical time like the weekend and produce a few more words instead. (speaking of recycling, the minimalist bird cage above is a reclaimed wire frame from an unfortunate lamp shade & the rusty spring on the mini clotheshanger is a making monica raise her eyebrows at what i pick up while walking and deem suitable for crafting item -- it's how i make the boys' paperoute entertaining for me 2 ; )

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  1. I'm no help here, Michelle, my titles are usually the last thing I type if I remember at all.
    Good luck!

    Is your cat bed going to start by flipping the table on it's lid? Saw one like it online a little while back and have had it on my mind ever since. I was thinking dolls though since I've stilled nixed the cat brainwaves over here. :)


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