Sunday, April 18, 2010

the things that matter revisited

mid way through Rani Manicka's "the rice mother" and have to say the book jacket was right -- "The Rice Mother gorgeously evokes a world where small pleasures offset imaginable horrors..." war, lack, and the unfairness of the situations one is born into -- [wartime Malaysia in this case]all addressed. but in the midst of heartache are still some things that sing out.

i love pg 196's take on achievement and identity and family:

"As the years went by, I found it easy to bear the supercilious looks of my juniors and they passed their exams and became my seniors. One by one they passed me, unvarying in their slightly contemptuous, slightly pitying look, and yet I was happy. The children had begun to appear -- each one something special. I would cycle home, the wind in my hair, as fast as I could with a bunch of bananas or a quarter of a jackfruit tied to the handlebars, and as soon as I turned into our cul-de-sac, something would happen inside me. I would slow down so I could look again at the house where my family lived. Inside that small, uninspired house was everything I had ever wanted in life. Inside was an amazing woman and children who made me catch my breath."

at my house, the kids are playing, soup is simmering, and i am leaving things to lay where they may. (including the paint debris the two youngest incurred when they found free cupboards at the roadside and dragged home to paint and deem their private pantry -- i think they are picturing rows of junk food ;) such is sunday night.

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