Sunday, April 25, 2010

the things that constitute a good life vary from person to person

this is going to be the year i put a garden in again. (so far i have only planted the forgotten in the back of the cupboard and sprouting onions beside the lavender in the planter in the back -- does that count? ;) but truly, i miss seeing a beautiful herb garden and running outside for salad whenever i felt like it. i felt like it a couple of years ago when i finally read anne's copy of barbara kingsolver's book "animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food living" about her family's year of sustainable living and i itch to when i read about dolly freed and her book "possum living" about her teen years spent in sustainable living -- gardening, reading, thrifting, writing, and swimming. the other day d came home to me putting tea tree oil on the cat so he might be getting a bit wary about all this all natural goodness. you'll have to ask him.

i had to laugh when i read her take on talking about her experiences in college. (and no longer will i feel bad when i have a boredom disconnect/socially ackward blank look when people go on and on and on about their recreational shopping ;)

Dolly advises: "By then I had learned not to say too much about my possum living days," she says, "starting a conversation with things like, 'have you ever watched a flock of geese sleep at night? or 'you know how you go spearfishing for spawning suckers?... or even though i've had roadkilled dog and it was very good, I wouldn't kill a dog just to eat it' just makes people stare at you,' she says, 'Don't try these openers yourself -- trust me it's a mistake." read more of paige william's profile of her here.

perhaps my toilet paper girl in the yet un-named story could have a penchant for sustainable living. yes, i think she will. so it's settled -- more work on that tommorow, as well as a museum fieldtrip, and a thrifty chicks shopping co. PM party. dolly is so right -- doing work you love is a beautiful thing.

and so is having a handle on the things that are truly important in life. choose an experience over stuff whenever you can and people over either. i've just read a new post on sweet charlie-anne and think it would do your heart good to do the same.


  1. "Two Ply Goodness"

    "Porcelain Princess"

    are my takes for the title

  2. i was hoping for a garden this year too...but I may have to settle on a little patch of herbs so as not to overwhelm myself! Already the yard has me feeling spent. But I will be farmers "marketting" all season!


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