Monday, April 19, 2010

sharpen your pencils, it's monday

the work week cycle, with the sunday day of rest, makes monday the first day of school after a fabulous summer break. my AM obliged. business writing draft II off for client to puruse and kids off to school so i can organize my house and do something with that new fiction project. perhaps some crafts too, if the day allows.

so pysched to be waiting on mail a la cath kidston. you know it's going to be good when even the confirmation email looks this cute.

it must be summer approaching -- the kids are getting better at keeping themselves busy. i'm anticipating the kiddie pantry needing some more work after school and the in house newspaper (the two youngest's -- they are also drafting ads for things more glamorous than i do -- rollercoasters and the like ;) the dusty portfolio (mine -- tried not to angst as work from the last two years was emptied on the floor yesterday because they needed it) and previously purchased costume glasses (but ones little c feels are a necessity for his literary alter ego) are getting used well.
10 pm post script: loved this interview from the discussion of kindle {a lesser version of the paper variety} to the keeping of starkly mad hours, to the quote "i don't go to books for sex, i go home for sex." exactly.


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    C looks so serious and grown up with 'his' glasses and briefcase...a very studious KGer you have. You will need to send me a copy of that picture.

  2. really enjoyed the guardian interview...thank you! cute, cute, cute kiddo.


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