Wednesday, April 07, 2010

paper cake

cake pedestal with scrapbooking embellishments
scrapbooking embellishments
wrapped gift
i thought about titling this post "if you can't beat them, join them" but that just seemed wrong ;) my littlest is the perfect candidate for full time KG. he has it three days a week, but on those other ones he is itching to stay as busy as the structured academic ones. it's driving me crazy (and i'm even the playdoh, painting, gluing house that my friends bring their kids to craft at so you know things must be dire)things are best handled when i concede that i can't get a thing done on the days he's home that involving thinking. but that's ok. spending the day in the creative relaxing zone is ok too. while he was waterpainting, inspired by evalicious, and armed with loads of new buttons from my secret pal, i worked on building up my embellishment collection. we were even able to use a couple right away when little c received an invitation to a birthday party this upcoming weekend.

this afternoon i have a writing block reserved on the calendar. hopefully the time spent crafting will have paid off.

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