Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the organizing of words and tree by-products

you already know i'm easily distracted so you know how dangerous it is to have a new java script for dummies book unopened underneath my laundry pile (it sounds like a smart motivational tool, i know, but it is what happens when the boys set the table and move whatever is on the table at the time to a different table) i'm not a perfectionist. just so long as everyone is pulling their weight. (and dealing with an askew tablecloth -- dragging on the floor on one side and almost off on the other builds all sorts of irritant-resisting character ;) i'm hoping.

have some writing under my pj belt this morning (that's a metaphor -- i do not accessorize my pjamas in case you were wondering) soon to be followed by lunch-making, coffee brewing, and tackling paperwork, entertaining my kindergartener (maybe he wants to organize papers today? ;) and some more writing. we're hoping for a three pm submission so i can make it to my first soccer game of the season with words not hanging over my head.

♥ that my first email of the day is from D. it works because i love the written word as much or more than conversation (& for those of you who know how shutting up is an incredibly difficult thing for me you know that's saying a lot ;)

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