Thursday, April 08, 2010

one step closer to crafting dryer lint

plastic bag craft flower
scrapbook page featuring kid art
ok, still haven't thought of something to incorporate dryer lint into (i take my eco-girl identity seriously ;) but i might have found a solution to the world's plastic bag problem if what it needs instead is millions of little plastic bag flower embellishments ;)
it's been a busy fiction submission couple of days. working on the third in two days -- the one that was previously not being cooperative. sometimes it's good to set it sit tight while you work on other stories and craft away. my newest page was inspired by C.D Muckosky's page in Creating Keepsakes january 2008 issue. i don't usually use idea books, but i loved the background graphics and went from there.


  1. You're amazing, Michelle! Those button embellies are super cool and I can only dream of putting together plastic bag flowers that look great. What did you all use as button backgrounds?
    That's a great preserve-his-artwork page!

  2. thanks, leanne. the for the button backgrounds i used felt, plastic tags, paper punches. but you could also use cardboard, cardstock, chipboard, bubble wrap... the list goes on ;)

  3. I have been following you quietly for a bit now, and when I came across this post today, I thought of you. Maybe one (or more) of these lint ideas would suit you. Enjoy!


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