Thursday, April 01, 2010

an old dog and its failure to learn new tricks

when you tell your kids to figure things out for themselves (take the necktie for example -- i usually buy the boys vintage old man clip on ties because i have attempted (without success) to learn how. {thankfully auntie joka was at the boys' last Christmas concert so she could do a front foyer intervention}) they are apt to become neck tie how to you-tube wizards and attach ties to everything from doorknobs to their mother's neck while she is typing.
today i'm thankful for spring flowers and coffee and the sleep-in of five year olds on their non-KG day. but getting irritated by the scribing.

the latest story du jour has turned into the story a la semaine de travail (to those who actually speak French instead of throwing in misplaced high school french phrases for their amusement, i apologize for my frequent bloggy butchering ;)

i have the scene like a movie running through my head and for some reason it is not coming out cooperatively. maybe have to start on something new and come back to torture myself with it later.


  1. To this midwestern American, your "butchering" of French sounds completely sophisticated and impressive.

    If you want some genuine hillbilly Ozarks dialect to throw in there, I'm your girl.

  2. Ohhh I have no idea how to tie a necktie, I guess I will learn how to one of these days!


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