Friday, April 16, 2010

the next 30 hours.

it's been a busy week. and it's going to be a busy weekend.
one in which we are helping a good friend celebrate his birthday and trying to fit in all the to-dos that didn't get completed this week. and in which my middleschooler is doing the 30 hour famine for the first time. and he is migraine prone and i am nervous about it. i feel silly even admitting that as the whole point of this experience is to step into others' shoes of hardship for 30 hours {we don't often face the fact that in the next 30 hours 18,000 children will die from a lack of food and clean water and medicine} and the threat of a bad headache does pale in the face of world hunger. but i am his mother and i can't help myself. so say a little prayer for both of us tonight if you will.

it's going to be a writing morning. (KGer at school and not on the loose here. it makes a world of difference)
6:29 pm postscript: because i value fun to dos even more than practical ones, i am thinking about making resident bebe chat smokey a fab bed this weekend after coming across this while looking for a dress collar and tie for him (sadly the only clothing item i spotted was an ugly one -- might have to make one of those too ;)

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