Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's a regular day, but i'm still all over it

did i mention how much i love my repair man installer dad? i'm addicted to the hum of that dishwasher. because he is eco too, he pretty much forbade me to use the dry heat button and so far i've listened ;)
in addition to buying me about 1/2 hour more writing time a day, it makes a great writing companion. today i plan to switch hit between writing and reading while little c has a friend over.

i'm off to make lunches, brew coffee, and let those many fictional characters in my head duke it out as to who gets to be first to the page today.
just added the power of half to my book wishlist yesterday. it's premise is that you take half of anything (money, time, resources you would have spent and cut it in half with the purpose of sharing the other)


  1. definatly love the repair dad.. mine worked his magic on my car on the weekend as well. Its a bonus when you don't have to have abottle of water with to fill up the coolant when you stop!!

  2. my repair dad just fixed my vaccume cleaner :) what would we do without them?!


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