Saturday, April 24, 2010

insomniacs unite!

the next time the loud neighbours wake you up, you can always craft. (and do laundry, and floss, and write things on the calendar for a month from now, and plan your following day -- use suggestions according to neurotic need ;)

the good news is that i have taken the base page layouts (i match patterned paper -- which i rarely work without -- to all pics immediately and then detail each layout with title, embellishments, and journalling after)
to finished.

from these pics you can tell:
a. my family is used to a floorful of layouts and will step over them for 24 hours or as needed
b. i am over-using my fave CTMH on the edge stamp set
c. i ♥ using office supplies in the mix (thank you versatile paper reinforcements)
d. crafting relaxes me
e. i must use all my writing up when writing because my pages are surprisingly void of journalling
f. i am courting insomnia with my insistence on using night waking as hours to fill (so far i can fall asleep easily after -- when not, i pray -- it requires less light than 3 am reading would, saving my marriage ;) and i was so inspired when i heard of an elderly wheelchair bound woman in my church who would pray the early morning hours away when her caregiver was still sleeping and she was not.
life lessons are all around us if we keep our eyes open for them.
tommorow (ok, i guess officially today) i am having a at a conference,listening to a speaker, taking notes kind of day -- the kind likely to feed a flurry of writing.
stay tuned

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