Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in case you worried i was wrapped in bubble wrap

i was chatting with a friend recently when she confessed she had heard from a blog reader with a concern that i was blissfully typing away on my life without an awareness of its warts. what if i had no clue my life has any? ;) not to worry. i know. i just ♥ & hold onto the commendation to think about the good things -- the honorable, lovely, true, and worthy of praise.
and leave the dirty laundry to be worked into my fiction, along with everyone else's. i think that's the irritating thing about us writers ;) we are never satisfied with the first layer people present themselves with, we have to peel back the quirks and the back story to get at the real character. if we didn't, we would be writing about a lot of stepford people.

happy wednesday to you. i have a mid day coffee scheduled with my friend chris (whose history with me dates back to being Christened the same sunday as babies) and her baby mila. will be writing all around that.
note mid writing: the story won't stop and is getting tres suspenseful. i don't know if my shoulders are seizing up from excitement or from the computer hunching. read on twitter that margaret atwood gets a sore back from the writing time -- don't know why i was surprised that acclaimed writerhood doesn't prevent one from things common to the human race ;)


love to hear from you :)