Saturday, April 10, 2010

i did it again

(last time i did this d clued in that i wasn't really watching the hockey game with my whole being) sitting on the couch last night and glanced over at the mantel and had to redo the vignette. it doesn't bother my eyes now. and i'm sure the photo capturing of it didn't interrupt the family movie at all ;) ps on that: loved where the wild things are. (for a mom of three rowdy boys, the youngest winning the most extreme award -- i'm not sure it's completely a bad thing to see where abandoning all rules borders on dangerous ;) sweet film. my resident film monitor had to check it out on plugged in just to be sure. ;)

today i am waiting on a 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. product delivery and had an early morning phone meeting with my fellow chick on more business card and receipt slip ordering and the like. plan to craft and garden and make story notes and send the kiddies outside to play and wash the mini mini van so we're not wasting this beautiful day inside. (going to steal a few mommy-crafting moments and adhere italian script to an old lamp tho)

2:47 post script on the lamp -- decided to mod podge vintage torn out dictionary pages -- the perfect addition to a writer's living room (little c was assistant glue-er so it might take a while to dry ;)


  1. sounds like our day here. hubby and the kids are at a work bee at church; i'm stealing a few hours of quiet. than it will be gardening and mini van washing here when they get home

    have a great weekend :)

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    love the lamp, you always have the best ideas.


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