Friday, April 30, 2010

crazy friday

friday is like the frantic hurdle to get through til the saturday and sunday payoff.
don't get me wrong -- i enjoy it.

it's just not a slow paced day.

prior to the afternoon, after school, evening plans; i am going to be writing in a waiting room this morning {accompanying my grandma who is having a check-up}, fuelled by a vivanno {ps. she treated me. kiss. kiss}i have not had in months (it's a plea to summer to hurry up, i tell you)

thinking a cupcake bubblebath might be at day's end, with the soccer season and tired muscles officially underway.
(don't you love this petit windchime i have hanging in my very unwindy kitchen? ;) it was in a corner of this old house and is so rusted and fragile that the bells and string break off at the lightest touch. ♥ it. maybe it is 70 years old too? ;)


  1. i DO love the is darling. wishing you a delicious bath and fab weekend!

  2. Loved your Amazing Grace story. I totally get it!


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