Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the beauty of day's end and day's beginning for that matter

breakfast is that much more enjoyable when contained by one's new fave mug. if you see me sticking my favorite breakfast {eggs blackstone} in there next week, get worried.

today was a whirl of a day {the pick up takeout pizza and beg the kids to help with chores because your girlfriends are coming over -- all 8 of them and your favorite d is working late}

i spent the day with my middleschooler's class at the vancouver art gallery. (while a good friend accompanied my KGer on his gymnastics club fieldtrip due to my lack of body splitting to be in two places at once skills)loved it, took stalking pics of the back of his head while he hung out with his friends -- my attempt to scrapbook him on the DL.

post partini game playing, miss splurge costume wearing {long story -- think grown women dressed in candy colored grad dress confections purely for a laugh and a chance to win a hand embroidered miss splurge sash -- which i'm sure jacki will treasure forever ;)} i watched some tv with d, successfully fought the urge to post all the great 2 thrifty chicks goodies i can easily do tommorow and am now reading in bed.

early early AM is soon enough to get to all that work. and yeah, i should finish that story that while i am loving is dragging on too long

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  1. that splurge sounds like SO MUCH FUn.
    I really need to pick your brain for some ideas


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