Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bathing in cupcakes

the girl who rehooked me onto sugar is now encouraging me to bathe in it. i am in serious ♥ with these cake and icing philosphy bath products (and have to hide them from the kiddies as they are similarly smitten)
today was a up early to work, 8:30 am nap, work, nap, work day.
perhaps i am working faster and tiring myself out doing it? but the to do list is complete and the fiscal year is wrapped up. woo to the hoo for tax paperwork no longer hanging over my head.
i have a bit more freelance editing to do (writing for $ trumps writing for fictional pleasure today) and then plan to descend on my sister's house with 1/2 week of our laundry (washing machine is being temperamental -- boo to the hoo for that)
but i can always relax with a bit more sugar bathing.
so don't feel too sorry for me ;)

post mini at home date with D pre-his work day i read this quote on romance in marriage by jennifer garner in a fluffy little mag (people feb 22, 2010 courtesy of jen L to be specific):

"accept that every day is not necessarily going to be romantic. that doesn't mean you don't look for ways to infuse your life with romance. it's about finding it in the littlest parts of life."

i agree.
i'll take morning sans kids convos on dream retirement living (laying in bed reading aux deux all day long) over a bouquet of roses anyday.

tip on getting blackberry bushes cut down while you read/nap --> authorize your boys to break out their pocketknives and get to work. (try not to use up your whole break time praying for zero injuries) i am a firm believer in giving the boys a boy scout childhood even if i risk a bit of anxiety to do it.

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