Wednesday, March 24, 2010

welcome spring and scattered creative brain

you know when you arrive at a store 11 minutes before it opens? what do you do to kill that time? well, if you're a writer you can just start working... was so pleased with myself for sketching out the details of the 2nd draft of the story du jour
and then i came home and started in on my housewifey stuff while still forming the rest of the story. and it turns out that trying to boil the 2 class-required hard boiled eggs (out of the 3 you have on hand) for the kindergartener's easter decorating needs is not condusive to also mentally writing the story because you will zone out peacefully while PEELING said eggs and making them fit for a delicious sandwich but not so much for adding art to. ;)
now i am writing faster so i can fit egg acquision into the day.

on to things that make me smile -- today it is that same KGer's placement of my plastic garden row signs -- hopefully i can find them come planting time and i'm sure it won't matter that he has numbered them with permanent marker -- just be sure to remind me when the time comes that the carrots are behind #8 ;)

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