Sunday, March 07, 2010

the weekend was worth the wait

overnight to camp hope for a night of crafting with the girls (worth dropping off and picking up three kids at varying sleepover locales & doing the boys' paper route alone {i am not a delivery champion -- it took me 2 hours ;) } in order to get a head start) lovely girls to chit chat and craft with and i realized looking at pics of my smiling kids (minus the hullaballo that usually accompanies their every move) triggered the same ♥ reflex that seeing them sleeping does (fools one into forgetting they are not always so angelic ;)

d told me upon arrival home that the house is boring without us. it is also a lot cleaner without us (a fact that is depressingly clear barely 24 hours since our return)

i have hanging in my kitchen my life motto "OR you could just deal with it" (made out of recycled CARSON chipboard -- he was sick of having his name up in his room and had destroyed the S when rearranging) i crafted it after the layouts and cards were done.

also in my kitchen are the spring napkins my very thoughtful secret pal (did i mention her what a dear rating already?) left me in my church mailbox. if i can manage to leave some for then, they will be perfect for hosting easter dinner.
d must value home non-boringness as he has his best husband game going today (un petit glass of shiraz for me mid bubbly soak post dinner)
ok, i must relinquish computer for the kids newly obsessed with lego digital designer. i hear a good read calling my name.

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