Wednesday, March 31, 2010

we all like to push the boundaries of normal

super heart this article -- etsy's blog has such a stream of work from home inspiration, it's hard not to tell everyone to do it. i love the real life talk of what the day working from home &/or being self-employed is like -- often a bit isolating (you have to make an effort to make social connections that come naturally at the cliched water cooler) -- sometimes what is a dream job starts from harsh inconvenient reality (lemonades out of lemons if you are looking for another truism), & more often than not, the start-out day jobber has a few less pennies to spend than her corporate sister, but it all comes out in the wash.(the living the lifestyle you want kind) if you are thinking of starting a fun side business or following a not yet acted on dream, start reading etsy's article treasures for inspiration.
i am working fast so i can spend a bit of my day with my fabulous cousin stef, who managed to hurt/possibly fracture her foot during step aerobics -- not only cute & 80's inspired but apparently dangerous as well ;) knowing her, she is speed healing as we speak and will be nursing people back to health in the ICU very soon.

pictured is the card i made on my recent crafting getaway with the girls (carson gave it as a get well soon card from him to stef -- complete with a scotch taped in movie rewards card -- minus the rewards but he is sure he is giving her quite a generous gift ;) (such a cute design -- scraplifted it from my friend christine t whose version was beautifully papered -- mine is a recycling phenom -- inked cardboard ribbon spool ends cut in half for the hills, and sporting the metal piece of plug that broke off my favorite vacuum the other day at the top left, i kid u not. you should not be surprised at the lengths i will go to go recycle)
so back to writing stories now, distributing happiness via 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. and trying not to think about my middle schooler's plans for his project due tommorow. (obviously getting some mommy damper tweaking) read his list and you will understand


  1. I was crying last night because I want to quit my day job...I was having a "feeling sorry for myself" moment...I'm hopeful one day I will have the freedom to pursue something that will be rewarding and spirit building...until then this blogging thing helps A LOT:) wishing your family a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. stopping by to say hi...been absent from the ol' blog scene lately. wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend with your family.


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