Monday, March 29, 2010

some times i don't know how d stays married to me ;)

mondays are d's day off and today the kids were barely off to school (pre 8 am) and i started in on the floor, belt sander whirring about a foot from his head (on the other side of the wall). the front entrance's first sanding is complete (feels so fabulous to have done away with the tres horrible 70s sticky tile that covered the wood) the dusting of the living room post reno-chick was not as fabulous, but that's ok. good with the bad. d was pretty understated about his lack of sleep in opportunity ("thanks for being so considerate," were his actual words). i tried to pass off increased house resale value and saving on hiring someone to do it for us as considerate, but i'm not sure he bought it. (at least not that early in the morning ;) but then i brewed a fabulous pot of coffee so he likes me again.

exercise, errands, and the to-do list are half tackled -- going to try and throw another mini fiction in before the day is done.

thank goodness i have angels like this one on the couch to keep d and i glued together through our shinanigans. (i know at almost 6 little c is not a baby anymore, but i could still pick him up and rock him back and forth when i see him like this.)


  1. Oooh, it's going to be beautiful! Good choice to purge the sticky tile for wood floors.

    Your angel's sweet cheeks!!!!

  2. Teresa Kelly7:23 AM

    I hear ya re: wanting to rock your "baby"! Tyler is tall, 52 lbs, 4 years old...and sometimes I look at him and am transported back to when he was a couple of months old...thankfully, he likes a good snuggle, so I don't think I'll have to give that up for a while!

  3. Awww he is SO sweet~ I love pictures when they are sleeping. & Maybe he is not a baby anymore BUT he will always be your baby:) That is what I always tell Josh~ "even when your 40 you will still be my baby!"

    Your floors are going to look awesome!!! I miss having hard wood.

  4. aww, michelle, that little hand supporting those dreams (and cheeks) is too precious!


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