Saturday, March 27, 2010

one bad thing

the only negative thing about thrift shopping as opposed to traditional retail is non-buyer's remorse. there can be no such thing as window shopping unless your goal is to be inspired or exercise self-restraint. so my story of missed upholstry opportunities begins...
on a day nearly a month ago, i was overlimit already by the armload measuring system when i saw the most fabulous fabric that was very jane churchill (identical to the ad i had up in the kitchen but in a black and white that would have perfectly matched my dining room) but i decided to think about it. i don't know why now. and it landed up disappointing me. i went today to check if it was still there, but it turns out it's at some saavier shopper's house. i almost bought a black pinstriped replacement fabric to try and make it up to myself, but i'm sure the perfect thing is still out there so i decided to walk out empty handed. (plus d would have got really cranky if i would start pulling apart our dining room chairs while the floor was still unfinished -- only worth incurring that wrath if i find the perfect jane churchill fabric ;)
local scrapbooking garage sale made my shopping day better -- i tried not to run to debby visser's table to stock up. had fun. felt like i bought a scrapbook subscription (at a trillionth of the cost). maybe she should offer such a thing, hey debby? ;)

came home and fueled the boys and i up with melted cheese sandwiches (extra aged white canadian cheddar redeems even leftover hotdog buns ;) the boys are using up the cheese energy on their WWE reinactments so i might get in some creative time yet today.

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