Monday, March 22, 2010

monday morning quiet

i wrote a sad story this morning. i didn't mean to, but it's what came out when i sat down.
then i got the kids up and off to school
then i sat down to read online. (news, blogs, catalogues, i love it all)
i am craving wine and cheese and a big loaf of french bread thickly buttered and it's only 8:30 am. it's all tara's fault for this post.
last night, post dinner making with the kids, while spending time with d on the couch i was doing my restoration hardware inspired crafts (hand monogramming our initials onto cushion cover material) yeah, you don't want to figure out what your time is worth per hour doing that -- super time consuming ;) but also relaxing and recycling (which you know i ♥) so it all evens out. this morning i am looking at more etsy inspiration (but trying not to make immediate connections to crafts to do -- my list is long already ;) it's a losing battle.
check out a beautiful source of inspiration at ness' if you love cushions that are all parisian. warning: you might be tempted to go shopping. conveniently, she is also having a giveaway. check it out

sold my paper flower streamers from the v-day dinner party on 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. to a happy customer on the weekend. might have to make more. i did love them.
remember how i was whining about the kids being home for too long a stretch? they've only been gone an hour this morning and it's already too quiet.

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  1. now i want a thickly sliced buttered piece of french bread and some wine


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