Friday, March 12, 2010

a little pinkarama

taking a cue from elizabeth kartchner who regularly posts likes in a chosen color. & i need a little pink today (stop and go writing -- i'll try not to blame it on my littlest who screeches his conversations when excited)
so without further ado...
my pink ♥s du jour
pink chalk to write silly quotes with, my favorite mug (handy it came in a set so i can pretty much always drink my coffee out of it -- like a baby who needs a binkie in multiples), strawberry cream cheese to bake with, pink polkadotted post it notes and girlie folders to making working fun, and some bling that with new charm acquisitions has become too heavy for necklace wear so now it being paired with purse ruffles (love that it's like wearing jewellry, but faster because you don't have to stop to put it on), and my little sister gifted pink monkey pjs :)
it's my belief that if you're thankful for the little things, that gratitude can carry you through even the days your world seems off its axis. what color are you going to give thanks in today?

1 comment :

  1. I like your bag!! Cute ruffle.

    Every day's a pink day in this house.


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