Tuesday, March 09, 2010

it's a miracle any thoughts get processed with this overload

sometimes i look back over a month and think how did all that stuff happen in there? sometimes a single day is like that. i think it's all the collective mind snapshots. (everyone tells you to be mindful and celebrate the little things, but they don't consider the overload, do they? ;)

today's were my middle boy, in his jaunty fedora and hoodie on his paper route (side note on his creative takes on dress code -- sunday he made wrestler arm sleeves and wanted to wear them to church -- i said yes which quickly took the appeal out of that ;) and the idea was abandoned, the other day he started making a t-shirt by laying one of his as a pattern over a perfectly good fitted bed sheet and cutting it all to shreds. but he had asked. and i thought why not? sounds like something that would occur to me too) the kids, offering to buy things for each other as soon as they get their payday (warms my heart, effectively cancelling out remembrances of having to yell "get off your brother" a thousand times a day) and how a well-timed bed time story can successfully interupt the fiercest of tantrums.

also taking up headspace are business ideas, story ideas, craft ideas, and a whole bunch more pictures -- mostly spring flowers which triggers thoughts of both gardening and wardrobe needs wants.

off to hit submit on the latest story. it's always agonizing so i just do it quick, like you would band-aid removal

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  1. Your middle boy sounds like a total creative spirit. My Ian would understand.


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