Thursday, March 11, 2010

it may be a foreshadowing

it's inevitable that i would eventually start working on stories in multiples (one look at my nightstand -- ok D's... mine is a piece of bare floor taken up by an old fashioned cold air return between bed and chest of drawers -- tells u i always have more than one read on the go at a time) so handy because tommorow when i submit two i will feel so accomplished ;)

multiple friend coffee sessions and a game of life (in which i did earn a colorful $80grand writing a fab novel) -- now you know i love that game. my 12 year old beat me by 4 million but that doesn't diminish my achievement, does it?

finally clued in to couple up reading with fitness efforts so ahead on my schedule, house scrubbed and reasonably tidy (do stacks of papers count during tax time? ;) and i intend to just hang with d tonight. the writing can wait til the am. (plus now i feel so confident due to the pretend book contract ;)

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  1. I love the game of life. Seems so simple, that on your road of life you simply pick up a husband, children, a career and cash as you drive along!


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