Tuesday, March 09, 2010

it's 4:11am and i should be finishing up my short story, but i'm reading blogs (and adding secure pipe cleaner purchase to my to do list). good thing too, because i found these cute rings over at the whispering creek house. i've seen a similar idea featured on martha, but these might be even cuter. and perfect for the top of my sock cupcakes party favors (idea pictured at thenappycakebaker.co.uk) for my splurge girls (yeah, it's not my turn to host yet, but i like to plan ahead) i won't tell you the party ideas (ok, and supplies ;) we are collecting for the b-days in july already.
after that distraction
maybe a bit more sleep and then that story finished

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  1. pipe cleaners are wonderful things!!!.. thanks for the comments on my blog.. I LOVE comments. and I must say that the feelings are quite mutual.. I have been lurking and enjoying your blog for a long time!! Have a great day.. Oh and I saw a purse at payton and buckle that had your name written all over it.. it was red, big, had hard circle handles and the cutest buttons on the side =;)


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