Thursday, March 04, 2010

is it friday yet?

lists, writing sketches, and recycling (forgot to put it out this week) piling up. but i am working toward the weekend. (planning an after bedtime writing shift tonight and another tommorow morning) and (unrealistically? but amazing things do get done when the kiddies go to bed and let me get stuff done ;) planning to leave a clean house for D when the kids and i vacate for part of the weekend (they to assorted friends and me with mine for an overnight of girlie crafting) i can relax then.

adorable tulip/snowdrop/starbucks cup combo (the best gifts are ones you want to keep for yourself, right?) already living in two of my friends houses
(♥ beautiful recycling)
tip: if you flower arrange similarly, make sure you put a glass cup inside the paper one

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  1. Liking the S'Bucks planters!

    Have fun girlie crafting!


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