Sunday, March 21, 2010

if you saw my self-dressed five year old walk into church you would know how done i am

coffee syrup station(jeans with shorts on top, button up short sleeve over king of rock pj shirt, with two mismatched socks, and a remnant of green dye on the one side and bed head in the back -- the key to getting there every sunday is just to get there, not try for most together family ;)

my little sister, the teacher, is home. (lucky girl just spent two weeks in florida with her friends) good thing she is pysched to go see her middle school class tommorow or i would have felt badly about the woo hooing i was doing at her house about my kids heading back to their fab teachers. (i definitely am going to have to get my mommy endurance up before the summer -- as long as i don't have to get a thing done and i can spent it with them at the beach i will be fine... super likely scenario don't you think? ;)

so back to cranking out the writing tommorow. d is off and we are already planning a date (shoutout to d's business card draw winning lunch at jackson's) post facial at the powder room (shoutout to jeevyn and stacey for my late to spend b-day spa gift certificate) so i think it's going to be a wake up tres AM kind of day if i plan to get any words done. not that you feel sorry for me after bragging about that spoiled girl kind of morning ;)

i don't know what i'm thinking stocking up on cleaning products when my coffee syrup stocks are so low. my priorities are slipping, i tell you. off to make sushi with the kids for dinner and then break it to d that he has to deal or eat cereal (know already he is going to roll his eyes and head for the multigrain rice krispies) happy sunday night, all.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    SO glad to hear about the shorts/pants thing...we went thru that last week. Don't know how many times I had to send him back and say "take the shorts off" I constantly get the reply, "Mom the suns out" Yup, just not quite warm enough for that :) stephh


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