Friday, March 26, 2010

i might be the least impressive person i know, but i have a lot of fabulous friends so that's ok ;)

well, someone took me up on my offer to come see the non-company ready house. ha ha. great chit chat with aletta.

today also saw some mini stints of scribing and the easter bag prep (13 altogether for my kiddies and their cousins)
i tried to pop over at my friend cindy's house (and it worked, but her house was fabulously glossy and she had cake ready to serve -- i had some for lunch to make me feel better about the state of the housekeeping)
now i am waiting for the middleschooler's youth group to stop by for dessert -- i have "pick your poison" chocolate cake (edible flowers, cinnamon, chili powder, and caramel topping options ;) and raspberry gingerale and crystal on standby.


  1. Sandra7:35 AM

    I like the title of your post... except I'm the least impressive and you're one of the fabulous friends ;) cute name tags!

  2. haha Sandra took the words right out of my mouth!! lol So I guess there are lots of 'least impressive' people and you are a fab friend to many! :) xo


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